Market intelligence platform

Global market data across
billions of products

Drive better results and improve margins with our SaaS market analytics platform. Discover fast and accurate insights with the data you need to analyze competitor pricing, discounting, assortment, promotions, and global trends, all in real-time.

SKUs tracked
10+ Yrs
of insights
Market intelligence

See everything that happens in the market

The world’s largest source of retail market data

Our AI engine collects, tracks, categorizes, and normalizes all the market data you need. 立即看到分析定价, discounts, assortment, colors, patterns, materials, keywords, and more across more than 4 billion products globally. Find underserved customers, markets, and categories and plan product and geographical expansion strategies to attract customers at high margins.

Worlds largest source of retail market data
4 billion+ SKUs tracked
More than 12 years of historic data
Global coverage and more
Market Intelligence

“EDITED is a great tool for us to work smarter – staying reactive to changes in the market, monitoring the competition across regions, and solidifying our pricing strategies.”

– VP EMEA at Abercrombie & Fitch Co
Market Intelligence

360° market view

Assortment Planning
Personalized insights on the data you care about
Set the right price at the right time
Visual Merchandising
Understand the promotional activity of your competitors

Capitalize quickly on new trends

Deep dive into specific trends within your own market. Know exactly how your competition is tiered and fill your range with bestsellers to drive sell-through in every category. Analyze which styles have seen rapid sellouts and replenishments and adjust your own product or assortment strategy accordingly.

  • See gaps in competitor assortment
  • Understand what products have frequent stockouts
  • Find opportunities for product expansion, globally and locally
  • Break into new verticals like fashion, homeware, and beauty

Compare pricing architectures by assortment or category

Know how to price products before launch and when to set discounts that increase market share without destroying margins. Spot pricing opportunities with easy-to-read pricing analysis tools and perfectly time product launches and promotions ahead of your competitors.

  • Never overdiscount again
  • Track competitor pricing and discounts over time
  • Maximize full-price sales and spot gaps in your competitive landscape

Pinpoint key regions, channels and keywords

Perfectly time product launches and promotions ahead of your competitors. Tell the right story and capture the right audience. See all promotional communications from your competitors worldwide and pinpoint key trends.

  • Access to competitor promotional campaign archives
  • Monitor competitor promotional emails
  • Understand how competitors position their products
  • Heatmap analysis of the number of changes made across all competitor channels (webpages, newsletters, etc)

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