Retail Automation

Retail Automation Powered by Predictive Analytics

Our automation engine helps to power improvements in product sorting, pricing, discounting, replenishment, customer engagement and more. Build rules to automate improvements using hundreds of enterprise and market data signals. Don’t take weeks to implement changes, automate them.

retail automation

Take action faster with
AI-powered automations that never sleep

Price dynamically. Optimize exposure.
Perfect replenishment.

Automate fine-tuned price changes to align with demand, stock, and competitor promotions.

Improve and personalize product sorting, search results, and recommendations at scale.

Drive automated price and replenishment objectives to limit stockout and overstock.

Build campaigns to target and track bespoke customer segments through email and ads.

Retail Automation

“EDITED is a great tool for us to work smarter – staying reactive to changes in the market, monitoring the competition across regions, and solidifying our pricing strategies.”

– VP EMEA at Abercrombie & Fitch Co
Retail Automation


Product Sorting
Your product sorting improved, now fully automated
Pricing & Replenishment
Set the right price, every time, any time
Customer Campaigns
Increase customer engagement with targeted campaigns

Improve your website sorting and filter algorithms

Leverage hundreds of data points across our Market and Enterprise Intelligence platforms to automate smarter product sorting that drive profit, increase demand, clear overstocks, reduce returns, drive acquisition, customer satisfaction and more.

  • Optimize product sorting across category pages, search results, recommendation zones, shopping engines, and more
  • Maximize margin per visitor instead of simple conversion
  • Flexibly control sorting based on your objectives and required rules
  • Save time by automatically improving sort order

Automate price adjustments and precise replenishment based on supply and demand

Automate SKU level price adjustments based on supply, demand, geography, and more. Limit overstock, stockouts on best-selling products, substantial end-of-season discounting, and uncover opportunities to increase margins on trending products. Automate your product replenishment to increase profit and customer loyalty.

  • Discount overstocked colors and sizes based on predicted supply and demand
  • Increase price and reduce ad spend on high demand items with rapid sell-through
  • Adjust prices to align with competitor promotions and strategy. Get alerted to competitor stockouts and restocks.
  • Surgically replenish SKUs at specific stores and warehouses to match demand

Automate improvements across every platform you use

EDITED uses hundreds of customer, product, and market data signals to hyper-personalize every campaign. Automatically improve customer engagement across all channels, including email, SMS, ads and socials, by enriching customer segmentation, targeting, and personalization.

  • Leverage EDITED as a CDP to unify customer profiles
  • Enrich existing CDPs and ESPs with demographic, behavioral, and omnichannel transaction data
  • Analyze segments, journeys, and cohorts through rich customer analytics
  • Enable key campaign strategies including: winback, nudge, fast track, nurture, exclude, and more

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EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides leading retailers with the products they need to optimize their omnichannel strategy and digitalization.

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